Thursday, August 8, 2013

P47 Thunderbolt

After a couple weeks of other projects, I decided to build a few planes.  This is a WWII USAAF P47.

It's probably at least 15 years old, it's 1/72nd scale from Matchbox.

Matchbox kits are now made by Revell.  They are generally simple and durable, two characteristics that wargame airplanes need.

Here's an old trick I learned many years ago.  I hold the fuselage together by using these little rubber bands that are used for tightening braces.  I went to my daughter's orthodontist and asked for some and they just gave them to me.  One little pack lasts a very long time and they make several different sizes.


Bob G. said...

Yeah, NEVER build a model W/O these little bands...!
I just used to get a bag of assorted sizes at the old Woolworths.

Leave it to "Matchbox" to mold a nice WW2 fighter in BRIGHT blue...LOL.
Thankfully, Pactra or Testors spray to the rescue there, hmm?

Some kits are a REAL bugger in 1/72 like the Academy P-40B Tomahawk.
Absolutely NO wing dihedral AT ALL!
(looks more like a Hurricane that way)

That's not right, and you have to get creative with the X-Acto and sandpaper...and yes, LOTS of rubber bands...LOL.

But it's worth the result when you get it finished.

Hope to see your "Razorback" in all her glory soon enough.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

I bulk build airplanes and then at some point in the future I bulk paint them.