Sunday, August 18, 2013

ThunderboltP-47D Fighter-Bomber

This bubble top P47 is the old Frog kit.  No ordinance under the wing, I build my bubble tops as air superiority fighters, usually.

Close up of the pilot.  The bubble tops were added to increase the visibility of the pilot so he could watch out for enemy planes.  They say, keep your head on a swivel.  They wear the silk scarf so their neck does not get all worn out scraping against their wool or cotton clothing.  It's also very cold at 20,000 feet altitude.

I build my airplanes with the landing gear down, that way they can sit on airfields when the enemy attacks, but I also put a loop on the top so they can fly over the battlefield.

The Frog kit is a very old kit that is long out of production. They were good durable kits, nice for wargaming. 

There are several local model kit collector shows.  I try and visit them once in a while, they often have lots of aircraft kits, and I try and buy a few each time.  It's a good way to build up a collection of planes.  I try and focus on only a few types, but I don't restrict the brand.  That way I get some variety, even within the specific aircraft type.

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