Monday, November 1, 2010

More Ram Adventures

The Maxim Gun sits amidships, an essential tool for shore parties.
Made from an Atlantic WWII Russian Maxim Gun and the HaT Gardener Gun set for the carriage.

The large stern hatch is where the larger cargo, fuel and other items enter. Note also the six pounder guns, the ready boxes for ammo and the life ring.

A junior officer in the crows nest acts as lookout. It is important that every young ensign learn every part of the vessel. His telescope helps him to scan the horizon.

The bow shows the storage for the anchor and the ships seal. It may be a tired old vessel, but the crew keeps the seal shined and polishes.

The anchor was left over from the German WWII side paddle wheeler project and the seal is a checker my daughter lost in the yard about 20 years ago that turned up a few months back.

Not sure what that could be in the deep, dark waters of the tropical Pacific Ocean...

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