Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update on My PAeL

These are more prototype PAeL Automatons. They will be 1/72n scale soft metal figures. Right now they are just wax prototype models. Not the different color of the Grease Gun. Often when sculpting military figures the sculptor will do the weapons one time and then cast it in resin. The resin cast versions will be used with the wax to make the master.
These wax models will be the basis for making bronze masters. From these masters the sculptor will make the production figures in soft metal. My wife gave me the sculpting of these figures for my 55th birthday.


Bob G. said...

They are looking REAL good. I blew up the picture, and the detail is spot on!
Nicely done.

Karcuss said...

seem a waste to blow up the picture!
They look really good

cheers Karcuss

e-mailling tou a project idea