Sunday, November 28, 2010

Battle of Berlin Figures

Since I have been working on the Battle of Berlin since about 1973, this is a set that I was very happy to find. It is the Ykreol German Soldiers, Berlin 1945.

They are 1/72nd scale soft plastic one piece figures. This one has a panzerfaust.

This is another of the all prone sets from Ykreol.

This figure is carrying a map case. Carrying messages was critical in the days before fax machines and digital communications.

This figure with shorts and the parted in the middle haircut and arm band is probably a HJ boy. Many of them took part in the battle. My good friend Yves sent me these figures and I am very grateful. Modern warfare is very dangerous and so troops often lay prone to avoid being hit by gunfire or shell fragments.
This set is only one of many all prone figures, including some sets that dead and wounded troops. Visit Ykreol at or


ccm2361 said...

ooh I like those. I have a small HJ group I am painting up. (Not really HJ figures mind you ) They are elderly Rafm WWII 20mm Germans in summer uniforms. but they are smaller than most 1/72 or 20MM figures. So they can pass for boys next to my regular German troops.

Bunkermeister said...

I use the old Matchbox 1/76th scale figures for HJ. The Afrika Korps ones are a nice Nazi brown too.