Monday, November 15, 2010

Alamo & Marines

These are the HaT British Marines and Sailors, manning the guns that come with the sets.

The sailor types, these will end up being transferred to the US Navy in the post - Civil War era. The man with ax and boarding pike will end up both in the Navy and the Alamo.

Here the sailors with their future crewmates.

The Marines are very spiffy, but of little value in the US Navy or Alamo collection.


Karcuss said...

try if you can maybe the Revell British Artillery Set Waterloo as for guns and if you go 1815 US
as more figures and the guns would be Alamo??

but hard to find (well out of Print)
as with a few of the Waterloo sets. but assuming will come back again.

"AutomunGorillaz" "AutoGorz"

Nice work Bunker

cheers karcuss

Bunkermeister said...