Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hobby News

I spoke to Caesar Miniatures and they assured me that they will do more World War Two sets in the future and more modern sets too. They still plan on doing a H60 set this year, but won't say what it will be!

The HaT Tank Riders are almost ready. The set I got was a pre-production set and I suspect the real set will be some other color than sea foam green.

Pegasus have a My Favorite Martian set in the works that will be about 60mm. It will feature Uncle Martian in is space suit with antennas and his little space ship.

Pegasus has also got their When Worlds Collide space ship very near to store shelves. It looks great and will work as a WWII era rocket ship too, it will stand on end and is about the size of a 1/72nd scale V-2 missile.

Zvezda has a WWII wargame on the market and the game pieces are in some cases 1/72nd scale figures and equipment. They include German and Soviet Infantry and a Soviet 37mm AA gun.

Orion has announce a set of a quad water cooled AA machine guns in 1/72nd scale plastic. It looks great.

Pegasus WWI and WWII French are in stores now here in North America. They are really great figures and fit nicely with the Airfix and Caesar WWI / WWII French Infantry.


John Lambshead said...

Tank Riders for my T34s would be a really nice addition.

Bunkermeister said...

John, these will be a nice addition, they did a good job. These work as seated figures for trucks and halftrack and even chairs too.

ModernKiwi said...

Caesar's H60 is certainly the modern British, you can see it on the boxes of some of their other Modern releases.

They also have listed "Modern Germans" which I am also looking forward to, although less so. After all we have 4 sets covering this from Revell already. One modern set I'd really like to see would be some Aussies. It's not like you can convert them from anything else, the AUG is rather unique.

Bunkermeister said...

Modern Aussies would be a worthwhile set. Even some for Viet Nam and a few other conflicts would be good.