Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alamo Troops

Since I was ordering from Michigan Toy Soldier Company, I figured I may as well get these guys too.

I have been planning on watching a few Alamo movies back to back, so I wanted to get some more figures that would work for Alamo defenders.

These guys are the same color as the Imex Alamo Defenders.

Many folks wore top hats in the Alamo era and so I think some of these guys are just right.

A few of these will get head swaps and the top hats will end up on other troops. I like the variety here.


Karcuss said...

Or the Charles Dickens "christmas Carol Brigade"

Good stuff they have been on my list for ages, had the Artillery and Marines as guess what as they were intended just need some Generic rowboats for that and the Colonial stuff.
If i can make some cheaply , i might be able to Blog and send a few your way.

But also (in the list) is the Hat British Penisular Infantry (Napoleonic)as they have Belgic shakos as extra, and might be good for US infantry of 1812-15.

As also using some of the Roman Imperial Numerii as Barbarian (Celtics) as only needed Archers out of the 2nd box Box. So the Spanish as a Multitude of others? But i see the Spanish but no Gorilla on that sprue (oh well maybe Tommorow)

cheers karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Remember if you ask for Gorillas you may just get them from me!