Monday, November 8, 2010

Pegasus French

I visited Larry Pegasus yesterday. Here are some photos of his painted WWI and WWII French soldiers in 1/72nd scale. They are behind glass so the images are not first rate.

As you can see the figures paint up really nice. The only stupid pose is the prone machine gunner on the strange rocky outcrop. I was able to bend mine so he can be used without the base.

The WWII French. These should be in stores as soon as a week from today here in Southern California.

The bare plastic will be a sort of dark olive drab, both sets will be the same color for those of us who don't paint figures we can mix and match them.


Karcuss said...

like Wellington sort of said

They came up in the same old way they had been in years...

In block of Coloumn 60 across 20 deep
don't quote me

But can you see the German Mg crew

they look excellent

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, that's what German machine gun crews saw in two World Wars. They should have stopped World War One in 1915 and called it even.

Karcuss said...

Maybe sometime when Fredrick the Great and Winston's Great(x) Grandfather (Marlbourgh) where running around Europe. Because and even the 5-6 Centuries before It seems that it was always an resolved issue leading up to the next Confrintation
Ie England versus France etc
and all the allies etc

Karcuss said...

Never ending war in Europe
As the sides slip round The Germans were allies then not then again.

At least we can Wargame them

All that changes is the sword to longbow to crossbow to MG to....

Hence lessons learnt????
But will be buying some boxes

cheers Karcuss

ccm2361 said...

nice looking minis! :-)

but something is missing.....wait don't tell me........I know-it's white flags!

(KIDDING!) :-)

Bunkermeister said...

130,000 killed in World War Two.
1.4 million killed in World War One.

I think we can say they were pretty brave in those two wars.

ccm2361 said...

I know.
I was just kidding. The French got a bad rep from the speed at which the defense of France collapsed during WWII. otherwise they have been stout fighters.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, it's good we can laugh at ourselves and each other!