Saturday, November 20, 2010

HaT Tank Riders

HaT is making a series of WWII figures who are intended to be riding on tanks.

These WWII American Army soldiers are 1/72nd scale soft plastic. Most are armed with M-1 carbines, along with a selection of other weapons, including a bazooka, BAR, Thompson, and Grease Gun.

These are tank troops from the Soviet Union. Like the Americans, they are useful for tank riders.

Some have tanker helmets and most are regular infantry.

The details are very sharp, and deep. These should be easy to paint, and are flash free.
I will have photos of these on actual tanks soon.


Captain said...

Nice minis, I can't wait to get some Soviet and German tank riders for my hardware. Are they on the market or did you get some of the test sprues.

S said...

Nice looking figures - they must have used a different sculptor as these guys are streets ahead of their other WWII offerings. However, they dropped the ball on research again as half the US set seem to be officers (armed with carbines or SMG's), and the M9 bazooka shown would be broken down into two halves for transport....

On the other hand, they've missed the fact that Soviet tank riders were drawn from the battalion's SMG company. The DP28 LMG is correct (and very nicely done too) but everyone else should be carrying the 'PapaSha'

Bunkermeister said...

These are test sprues but they should be on the market very soon. Thanks for reading Captain, tell all your friends.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, S these are very good figures. The M-1 carbine was very common outside infantry platoons. Perhaps the troop with the bazooka is only in for a short ride or expects contact soon. As for the Thompson and Grease Gun they were standard gear for tank crews so perhaps those figures represent vehicle crewmen.

ccm2361 said...

Those are nice!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Nice addition to the Hat range!

Good spot

Bob G. said...

Those would look SO cool on my Hasegawa M24 Chaffee diorama kit!

I have GOT to find me these!
Keep us updated as to WHEN they're available.

Carry on.

Karcuss said...

To no one in particular and to all,

As for the Russians

They weren't all armed with Ppsh
there was a mix of rifles etc.
So i think they are spot on, and that is why there will 4 sprues in a box so we can get our knives out and send phots back to Hat

cheers karcuss