Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Pegasus

Some people have stated that Pegasus is a small company that does not make much. Typically, they make this claim based on the fact that their 1/72nd scale figure line is not as extensive as some companies. Pegasus is a much larger company than most people realize, here is there latest model from the movie Relic.

Another one of their new models from the recent movie War of the Worlds. These movie and TV kits are fully licensed by the movie and TV companies.

Great White Shark with alternate mouth end.

Uncle Martain from the TV series My Favorite Martian show, with his spacecraft.

The most recent of the Pegasus spaceships. This is their own design, not unlike they have done with a couple others. It comes with a launch facility.


Bob G. said...

That is some REALLY cool stuff.
Amazing detail.

Karcuss said...

What's the scale on the Rocket Launch Pad etc?

cheers karcuss