Friday, November 19, 2010

Target Hit Location

I have put together a chart that shows where tanks are hit when fired at by direct fire weapons. This includes other tanks, anti-tank guns and bazooka type weapons.

The shooter rolls a six sided die and based upon the aspect of the target vehicle you have determined the hit location. If the target front is facing you, then you use the front column, if you are facing the side of the target, then you use the side column. If the target is hidden by intervening terrain, then it can't be hit.
The red information is automatic damage. If the vehicle armor is penetrated and the Explodes results happens, than any tank riders are blown up and the tank is removed from play, because it is blown up. A fire means the tank burns and cannot be recovered. A gun hit or engine hit will either disable the gun or engine until it can be repaired by a maintenance unit.


easternfunker said...

Can you make it into a grid or an image? I'm having trouble visualising it in it's current text form.

Also, wouldn't some of it be conditional (can't hit the front of something if you shot at it from the back)?

Bunkermeister said...

I have changed it to a photos so that the chart is easier to read.

I have also cleaned up the explaination. The column to use to determine the hit location is dependant on the relationship between the firer and the target.

easternfunker said...

Thanks for doing that!

Bunkermeister said...

No problem easternfunker. I try and respond to consumer requests! Sometimes blogger changes what you write so that the format is totally different!