Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Happiest Place on Earth

I used to live in Southern California and I loved to visit Disneyland.
So now that I live in rural Kentucky, I have decided to build a miniature Disneyland so I can visit it every day.
Marx made a very nice Disneyland playset 60 years ago.
Finding one now means spending big bucks that I don't have.
But about 40 years ago Marx and Sears teamed up to re-issue that playset but with fewer pieces.
Those are not hard to find, and not expensive, I got one, brand new, in the box, unopened about $65 including postage on eBay.
These photos are pictures of the vinyl playmat that comes with the set.  Various parts fit on the playmat which makes up the base for the buildings and attractions.
It does not come with a Matterhorn mountain, but I don't think the Tim Mee Battle Mountain makes a good substitute.  So I may have to work on that.

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