Saturday, May 1, 2021

SGT Savage Action Figure

This SGT Savage 12 inch action figure has been without any gear only a helmet for at least two years.
Today I rounded up a shirt and a pair of pants for him.
And a stand too.
And I also got him a pistol belt, ammo pouch, and Thompson submachine gun.
I my making an effort to sort through the GI Joe gear and get a better handle on what I have and what I still need.

 My initial goal is to try and get everyone sorted so I know how many I have, and what condition they are in.  Last year I repaired about a dozen of them with broken hands, arms, feet and legs.  I still got about three or four that need more work.

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Playmonaut said...

I gave my Sgt Savage a more articulated GI Joe body, the one with movable fingers.
I geared him up with a 21st Century toys Ultimate soldier Paratrooper uniform and weapons.