Tuesday, May 4, 2021

1st Squads Gear

I am trying to give each of my troops a helmet and a hat, you can see the hats peeking out of the bottom of the helmet.
The troops, with boots, have the tall Hasbro style brown boots.
I would like each soldier in my platoon to have a pistol belt with at least a canteen cup, canteen and first aid kit, two grenades, and a backpack.
I want my first squad to have all the gear. Field jacket, poncho, sleeping bag, duffel bag, and mess kit with knife, fork, and spoon, and either a shelter or camouflage netting.
All this will fit into the backpack or strapped to it, along with and entrenching tool and entrenching tool cover.
 The netting can work alone or over the tent.

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Billy said...

I've actually been through all this with my 12" figures. When I got the Dragon Models Soldat 001 Peter Schmidt figure, the one with all the personal stuff right down to his soldbuch, I had to ask myself, why go through the trouble of stuffing all the bits and pieces inside the pouches and knapsacks where no one can see them? All those tiny buckles can be a real pain,
and if you keep opening and closing them, they start to fray. The studs on the plastic pouches will eventually snap off. You only see this stuff if you pose the figure actually USING them. When they are stuffed inside, you have to spend the time getting them out every time you want to use them. I keep all the gear that does not show in baggies that are stored with the figure they belong to. The figures still look good, but I don't have to go through the process of unpacking everything to use it and then pack it back up.