Friday, May 21, 2021

M60 Series and the Abrams Tank

During the Cold War at the time the US was building the Abrams there was a plan to quickly upgrade the M60 series should the need arise.
Remove the turret from the M60 series tank, shown here from the Roco Minitanks M60A1 model.
Then build an Abrams turret and put it on the M60 hull.  Abrams take model from Boley.
Add side skirts and possibly upgrade the engine, Abrams model from Roco Minitanks.

 Boley on top and Roco Abrams on the bottom.  Boley turret is slightly smaller, hull has fewer roadwheels and is noticeably shorter.  I plan to make this new tank using the Boley because the smaller turret fits the M60 hull better, and the Boley is much less expensive than the Roco Abrams.

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