Thursday, May 6, 2021


New Dark Alliance set Survivors.
1/72nd scale soft plastic figures that represent Americans who have survived the zombie attack.
Two police officers one old school with a revolver, and one with and AR-15 series rifle.  In US police hands this would usually, but not always, be a semi-automatic rifle.  The cops who carry revolvers are usually very, very good.  The agency I worked for had 36 regular officers and I could fire 12 rounds from my 6 shot revolver faster then they could fire 12 from their Glock, in about 5 seconds, including the reload.  I am out of practice now, but don't discount that wheel gun.
Two thugs, one teen and one younger.

Girl with samurai sword, man with crossbow.  Almost no flash, figures stand up well, are useful for many scenarios, cops and robbers, gang wars, invasion by zombies, space aliens, Communists.

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