Saturday, May 22, 2021

120S Prototype

The Boley Abrams used the Bradley suspension from their Bradley kit, so one less roadwheel than the Abrams actually had.  They used the same suspension on their M109.
Roco Abrams with the correct roadwheel arrangement.
Boley turret on Roco Abrams hull, it looks a little small.
Roco Abrams turret on the Boley hull.  Turret looks huge!
Roco Abrams turret on Roco M60 series hull with Boley Abrams side skirts, cut down to fit the M60 hull.
This is the model I intend to build.  It is the Roco M60 series upper and lower hull, left and right side tracks, Boley Abrams turret, Roco Abrams machine guns from the machine gun accessory set, and a home cast turret hatch.  In real life they built one of these on a leased M60 hull as a test vehicle and to interest allied nations who fielded M60s and wanted an upgrade.  There were no orders and the vehicle was returned to it's original configuration.


banzai55 said...

A lot of the purported "HO scale" M1 tanks are really much smaller than that; Boley included; I got a "Johnny Lightning" M1 on ebay (which I really wanted because it had the mine clearing plow attachment) and a couple of Corgi M1s in an auction, and was pretty dismayed to see how undersized they were relative to a true HO scale M48 or M60; I guess the Boley fits that pattern.
Which is so weird, because so many of their other purported "HO scale" pieces like their Hmmwv, Bradley, and MLRS are ridiculously oversized.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Note the tracks on the Boley military vehicles. They used the Bradley track design on the Abrams and MLRS. That's why the Abrams is so small.
Thanks for reading Banzai.