Monday, September 11, 2017

Sentry Alertness

Sentry Alertness

            At night one sentry is on duty for every platoon sector in military zones.  Essentially, one man out of every fifty will be on guard duty.  In addition, every headquarters, company level and above, will have a CQ duty staff, with one additional sentry, per command level.  The command staff will be a sergeant of the guard at company level, an officer of the guard at battalion level.  A company will have one sentry, a battalion will have two, and a brigade will have three sentries.  Sensitive areas, nuclear or chemical, may have additional sentries.

            In garrison, units have sentries out from 2000 hrs, until 0600 hrs.  Between the hours of 0700 and 1900 hrs, there are sentries only at headquarters and sensitive areas.  In war zones, sentries are out only from 2200 hrs, to 0400 hrs.  After that, or when on alert, normal conditions apply.  One sentry may be stationed in each platoon area between dusk to dawn, to watch for intruders.  Sentry alertness, roll D%5 die per number then modify that number based on the morale of the sentry.  Infiltrators skill rolls D%5 per number then modify that number based on the morale of the infiltrators.

Alertness          each point            +5%
Alarmed                                    +35%
With a dog                                +35%
Within 1250m                            +35%
Skill                  each point         -5%
Stationary                                 -35%
Out of line of sight                    -35%
Noise muffled by waves                        -35%

Radar Detection

            Mountains and hills, above three tiers, will block radar detection.  Aircraft flying low level or below are not detected by radar.  Modern radar may be mounted on AWACS aircraft and will then "look down" to detect down to ground level.  Stealth technology aircraft cannot be detected by modern radar.

Detection Method        Turns Warning                        Information Provided
Unaided sight/hearing   One                              Enemy approaching
Sound detection gear    One                              Direction of approach
Early radar                   One                              Direction & quantity
Improved radar             Two                              Direction, quantity
Modern radar                Three                           Direction, quantity, altitude

Sonar Detection

            Underwater craft may be detected by sonar.  Sonar can be inside the hull of a surface craft, or may be a buoy.  Sonar may also be dipped by aircraft, or emplaced on the sea floor.

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