Saturday, September 2, 2017

WWII Soviet Union Trucks and Tanks

Part of the WWII Soviet Union collection.  Mostly trucks and armored cars.  Trucks for supplies, and buses for command posts, ambulances, and personnel transport.  Dump trucks and boats for engineers.

Van trucks for technical work, and light infantry guns.

The Soviet Union had the largest truck factory in the world in WWII, it was a Ford factory that they purchased.

Most of these are at least primer painted, many are resin, all are HO scale.

Tank battalion with armored recovery vehicles.

Mir T-34/76 tanks.

These tanks have finished their preparation, flash trimmed, and parts glued.


Syl said...

Very impressive !

Mike Creek said...

Thank you, but stay tuned and you will be more impressed. Or rather than wait, check out some of my previous postings, there are 12,000 photos of my collection on this blog.