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Replacements, Repairs and Rearming Rules

Replacements, Repairs and Rearming

            Replacements and repairs are possible at the airfield for crew, engine, and airframe hits.  Replacements take one turn for crew, and repairs take four turns for each engine or aircrew hit.  All types of hits are cumulative.  Aircraft are rearmed and refueled at a rate of one turn per engine.

            When lighter-than-air craft lose all engines, they do not crash but they drift with the wind.  An engine may be repaired on the ground at a rate of three turns per engine in need of repair.

Aircraft Morale

            The morale of aircraft crews affects firing in the same way as the ground troops. An ace with five kills counts as one level of “elite,” up to 95%.

            Every plane type gets its own aircraft card showing its’ performance.

Sample Aircraft Card

Tupolev SB-2 bomber USSR 1936
T 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 L

7.62mm mg; 2x nose; 1x dorsal
50        100       250       500       750       1000     1250     1500            1750
80%     80%     80%     75%     70%     60%     50%

Crew: 1 & 2 pilot; 3 & 4 bombardier; 5 & 6 gunner
Engines: two
Bombs: 2,200 lb.

One engine: 68" turn 14" phase
Lose 5 turns from its original range for each engine lost

A B-17 carries 17,000 pounds of bombs.
A B-29 carries 20,000 pounds of bombs.

Bomb sizes in pounds:

Other special bombs are available in specific historical scenarios but the bombs listed above are the ones on general issue.  Blockbuster bombs, atomic bombs and others can only be carried by special aircraft as noted on their aircraft card.  These bombs are not available unless specifically mentioned by the Bunkermeister at the beginning of the game.

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