Thursday, September 7, 2017

Wargame Rules Missions and Turns


            Each side is assigned a mission by the Bunkermeister.  This can be as simple as both sides march onto the playing area and destroy the enemy.  Missions can also be much more complex and can enable smaller forces to win a victory over a larger force.  The mission of the Texans at the Alamo was the delay the advance of Santa Ana and his army long enough to allow Sam Houston to form an army.  The defenders of the Alamo accomplished their mission and won a victory even though they were all killed.

            The game is divided into Strategic and Tactical turns.  Strategic turns are used when combat units are out of contact with one another.  Strategic turns are conducted as map movement.  Tactical turns occur when two opposing units make contact on the Strategic map.

            Tactical turns are done using miniatures.  Each Tactical turn is composed of several phases.  All activity within each phase is usually considered as simultaneous.  Each Tactical turn counts as one hour in the Strategic game.  Each Strategic turn counts as one day.

Strategic Turns

            Strategic turns are best used to cover large distances or long periods of time.  Units are moved on the map using the largest possible size units.  Battalions are the smallest size units that frequently operate independently.  Make small counters to fit the size of the map you are using.  One of the best ways is to use a board game for the strategic turns and fight the combat in miniature.  Board game counters can be used on your own maps.  Your own maps can be drawn to reflect the nature of the terrain and buildings you have available to you.

            A strategic turn can last one hour or one day.  The Bunkermeister will inform the players of the time interval and determine the distance units will move.  Movement is dependant on unit type and terrain.  A truck company going forty miles per hour, driving round the clock, might move several hundred miles in a day.  A foot infantry battalion in one day might only move 20 miles in rough terrain, much less in jungle or mountains.

Modifiers and Dice

            No matter how many modifiers apply; the best chance to hit a target is 95%.  Once all the modifications are applied if the chance to hit is 0% then the shooter has missed.  The game requires two special dice.  One is a six sided die with one each of the numbers 1 through 6 and an arrow displayed on each side.  The numbers on the six sided die are primarily used to determine hit location.  The arrow is used to generate directions.  The second die is twenty sided.  It is numbered 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, and 00.  The 00 is a stand in for 100.  This die is used to generate a percentage chance to hit a target.  Roll both dice each time that dice have to be rolled.

            In the rule set the six sided die is noted as D^6 and the twenty sided die is noted as D%5.

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