Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Artillery Map Fire Rules

Artillery Map Fire

            Map fire may be directed at any location but must be designated five turns in advance.  Once designated it must be fired and may not be changed or stopped.  Exception- it may be stopped by a flare signal or radio communication only if their own map fire artillery is firing upon friendly forces and that the signal was designated along with the map fire instructions.  Map fire uses the D chart.

            Pre-planned or pre-registered fires are set up before the game.  They are named and plotted on a map like a minefield.

Map Fire Format

            Note the exact location of the aiming point.  Write down the number and caliber of the guns that will be firing.  Designate the specific battery that will be firing.  The duration of the firing, in game turns.  The flare or radio signal to stop the firing.

Time on Target Missions

            Time on target missions are multiple batteries firing all at the same target at the same time under the direction of one fire control center.  Time on Target missions are fired using only three ranging rounds to represent all batteries firing the mission.  All batteries firing the mission must be designated one turn in advance, lay dormant for one turn and t hen fire the Time on Target mission.  All batteries must fire even if the target is destroyed by the first salvo.  Only US Army units can fire Time on Target missions from 1941 until 1950 when all nations may fire them.

Smooth Bore Artillery

            Smooth bore artillery may fire at more than one enemy unit.  All other firing rules are still in use.  After you have fired normally at the nearest enemy unit any other enemy units that are still within the range arc same elevation, and not blocked by terrain buildings, fortifications may be fired on also as the solid shot rolls though the unit to the limit of its range or until it hits something solid.

            Measure the spread template to the maximum range of the gun.  The grape shot fires through all formations.  Ball shot flies along the ground, bouncing through units.

Maximum effective range in yards:
12 pounder howitzer                  1,000
6 & 12 pounder gun                   1,250
13 inch siege mortar                 3,500
10 pounder Parrott rifle              5,000
10 inch Columbiad siege gun     5,500
30 pounder Parrott rifle              8,500
12 pounder Whitworth rifle         9,000

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