Friday, October 11, 2013

More Birthday Haul

I managed to pick up this flying dinosaur at Michaels, it was in the sale bin.

It is made by Safari and will be used with both my 60mm troops and my1/72nd scale figures.  Shown here with Charles De Gaulle a well known explorer of lost worlds and paleontologist.

A nice sea monster, also from Michaels.  It was on sale, and so I got it for about $4.  Pre-painted and all ready to go.

This claw from Papo belongs to another sale item I picked up.  I got it for 40% off, always check the Michaels website for their coupons.

Pretty pricey, but a very nice model, at least for 40% off.  Already painted better than I could paint him, and after seeing Jurassic Park who does not need a Spinosaurus?


Sam Wise said...

If you want the exact names of your dinosaurs (they are not all "dinosaurs"), I can ask to my son to identify them (seriously !) even if the name of my preferred little palaeontologist is not "Charles de Gaule"! (good joke, Mike)

(in my last comment, I've talked about the French personalities and I was wrong! the set I have is "Historical Personalities" from HITTY which contains also a "Général De Gaule")

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Sam, but if you click on and enlarge the photo you can see the tags with the names.
Pteranodon, Tylosaurus and Spinosaurus.
Yes, French Personalities includes Joan of Arc, Napoleon, and Charles de Guale. Their products are similar in style.
Thanks for reading.