Friday, October 25, 2013

Hauneabu II

New from Pegasus Models!

This is the Luna from a 1960's Eastern Bloc sci-fi movie.

This is the Luna in two scales, the little one is the same scale as the Cosmos.

These are some pretty good rockets and being a rather generic shape they will work for a variety of scales.

Hauneabu II from Pegasus hobbies in 1/144th scale.

It's about 8 inches across and should work okay for 1/72nd scale.

You need a bunch of these for those WWWII scenarios. 
Photos from Steve Iverson, CultTVman.Com.  Check them out.


Pete. said...

Great stuff- I hope these Pegasus releases that you feature make their way across the Atlantic soonish. I'll inquire at my local model shop next time I'm in.

Please keep the pictures coming it is appreciated.



Mike Creek said...

They are coming, including some conversions I have done.