Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birthday Haul

Two boxes of Caesar Miniatures Panzer Crews.  They include tank, halftrack and SPG crews.

Caesar Late War German Army, most of my collection is late war, US, Germans and Russians.

These guys are late war too.

I don't do Napoleonics, but the horses, and limber are good for WWII.

My plan is to replace the wagon wheels with rubber tires.

This set is the most unique ever in soft plastic 1/72nd scale.

Russian winter infantry, nice olive color, and fit perfectly with the other Pegasus Russians.


1Mac said...

The War Against Fascism set is intriguing. If you know where I can find some photos, or can take some yourself, I'd appreciate it!

Mike Creek said...

1Mac, stay tuned to this channel! I have already taken them and they are in the queue waiting their turn.