Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pegasus Birthday!

These are Painter's Pyramid devices. 

They hold onto things while you paint them.  Very helpful when painting stuff that you want to keep elevated off the work surface.

My birthday this year was a festival of Eastern Front wargaming.  I got another 85mm AA gun and an additional 122 howitzer.  These Zvezda kits are durable, simple and come with crews and a base, perfect for wargaming.

I like these Russian guns from Plastic Solder too.  They have large crews and several variations in which gun you can build.  Always keep the extra bits, you never know when you will need them.

This figure set is one of the best Pegasus has done.  I am sure to be getting more of them.  Plenty of good infantry poses to go with the heavy weapons sets they make.

This set gives you four 120mm mortars and two 81mm mortars with crews.

Here are all the other heavy weapons Pegasus has not yet released, those ATRs, and HMGs you needed.


FriendlyFire said...

Happy birthday! Seems you got some nice stuff! will you be posting any photos of the new Pegasus sets? I've searching the web but can't find any.

Enjoy the new soldiers, Bunkermeister!


Mike Creek said...

FF, thank you. I have already taken the photos and they are in the queue. There are a lot of figures and it will take days to see them all. It also takes days to assemble all the different sets.