Thursday, October 17, 2013



This Lee needed the gun barrel sanded down too.

It also has a crack at the join between the side and top.  I filled them with epoxy.

All five tanks lined up and ready for priming and painting.

These tanks are about 1/72nd scale, and unlike the real Lee, it has a large cannon in the front hull.

Here are the tanks lined up with som 1/72nd scale PSC US Army troops.  My plan is to use these with a WWWII scenarios as a precursor to the US heavy tank M6.  I consider it to be armed as the M3 Lee but with a 105 howitzer in the front center hull.  Both the French and British had tanks with a small turret and gun with a hull mounted howitzer.


John Lambshead said...

I find it tricky sanding these polyethylene models.

Mike Creek said...

Hi John, these are stamped metal, similar to a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car, only stamped not cast. So they sand okay. I agree, I can't sand polyethylene well either.