Thursday, October 24, 2013

Russian Mortars

Man opening mortar bombs, passing a 120mm mortar bomb and a forward observer on the phone.  I like the phone guy, he can be used for forward observer, fire direction center or at the mortar site itself.

More troops from the Pegasus 1/72nd scale Russian Mortar Set.  More men handling ammo.

The mortars are nicely detailed.  They glue together with regular model glue, just like the troops.

The whole set is flash free.  This couple makes a good forward observer set.

81mm mortar team.

120mm mortar team in action.

I like having all these men for the mortars, it makes for a much more realistic set up.


Tsold9000 said...

The F.O. team is worth getting the set. Like usual, nice stuff from pegasus...... now how bout some t-26 easy builds!!!

Mike Creek said...

I plan on getting 8 sets at least and many of the F/Os will become artillery spotters for actual artillery.

Larry Pegasus says they already have T-26 light tanks at the mold test shot phase. Should be in the shops in about a year.