Monday, October 28, 2013


This is the Sikorsky R-4B helicopter.

It was the first helicopter used operationally by the US Army in 1944.

Imagine a fleet of these flying over the beaches of Normandy!

This is the MPM kit in low pressure injection molded plastic.  It is a very difficult kit to build.  It costs about $20 each.  I worked on it about 10 years ago, set it aside and only recently completed it.

The kit did not come with a crew, so I had to round up some seated figures to fit inside the cockpit.

I got four of them and will paint them all up as US Army for WWII.  Once built, it's fairly sturdy, but there are few locating holes and other guides to put it together.  The canopy parts are fragile and take a lot of sanding, they are vacuform parts.

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