Thursday, October 31, 2013

War Against Fascism

This woman and child is from a propaganda poster, and would work for many scenarios and many years.

General Zhukov in the victory parade.

Wearing all his medals and riding a white horse.

This woman is another famous Soviet propaganda poster.

She would be useful for many different wars and eras.

Another Soviet propaganda poster.  Good hand to hand combat pose.

I like the action in this pose.

Good movement on the figure and the greatcoat.


Pete. said...

Superb, I think a trip to the model shop is in order to see if they are in stock.



Mike Creek said...

Good luck Pete, you may have to ask for them, they are that new.

Tsold9000 said...

The Zhukov figure would make an excellent warlord or general leader in some imagine-nation stuff!

Mike Creek said...

I already did a conversion of him into a non-horseback figure. The plastic makes that easy since it takes model glue so well.