Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Battle of France, 1940

1/72nd scale figures by Ykreol, French Staff of 1940.  Before you dismiss these figures as being useless because the Battle of France is not wargamable, think about this.  The French lost over 300,000 dead and the Germans lost over 150,000 dead, most of them in less than two months time.  That is very intensive combat.  Many of the French generals were also killed.  While France was a friend and ally of the United States, President Roosevelt did almost nothing to help the French against the German invasion.

General Leclerc, Free French Forces.

Marechal Petain, famous general from WWI and head of Vichy French government until the end of the war.

Alphonse Juin, fought for Vichy and Free French Forces.

Louis Janssen, Battle of France, died 1940.


Wg Cdr Luddite said...

"President Roosevelt did almost nothing to help the French against the German invasion."

He desperately wanted to but couldn't. With an election looming he had to deal with the isolationist right-wing reactionaries like you.

Do NOT slag off a great man like Roosevelt. If it wasn't for this hero Europe would be speaking German now.

Mike Creek said...

American presidents traditionally served no more than two terms. If President Roosevelt had done that, he could have helped France and let the new president deal with the fallout.
If President Roosevelt had helped the French, perhaps France would not have had to speak German for four years.