Friday, October 18, 2013

Pegasus Russian Infantry in Winter Dress Set 2 & Trees

With this post, I have posted over 2,000 posts!  Enjoy.

New 1/72nd scale Pegasus WWII Russian Infantry in Winter Dress, Set 2, on a tree base.

I make tree stands by gluing them to old CDs and DVDs.

Plug the hole, and paint both sides green or dark brown.

Then paint some small blotches of dark brown for open spots.

Then cover the majority of the base with thick poster paints.  Sprinkle turf on the poster paint.


Phil said...

Very nice work!

Mike Creek said...

Thanks Phil. Tell all your friends!

Sam Wise said...

Congrats for the 2 000 posts : impressive!
I like your trees! You always have fine stuffs of all sorts !!

Mike Creek said...

Thank you Sam. Nearly all of what I do was developed by other people and is pretty easy. You just got to give it a try and you too can get good results.
Thanks for reading!
Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Sam Wise said...

Yes I know ! that's also why I read a lot of blogs (like yours!) : I've so much to learn and try to improve my own skill !

Mike Creek said...

That's very Wise of you.