Monday, June 10, 2013

WW, Uncle Sam & Thor

As part of my Super Hero project I am making Thor and Wonder Woman.

This figure is the top half of Mystique and the lower half of Sue Richards from Battle Dice.

Here is the Hero Clix Thor.  The Battle Dice Thor is rather tiny.  The Hero Clix figure is 28mm, but I think a god should be large.  I cut off the hammer and made a new handle for it.  The handle closer to the figure is from a different version of Hero Clix Thor.  He had a great hammer, but his pose was pretty terrible.  I cut him up and replaced him with this guy, a more action packed figure.

This figure is from the HaT Spanish Guerrilla set.  I am making him into Uncle Sam, who was also a comic book character in WWII.

Wonder Woman with a little work done on her.  I still have to paint the shorts, belt, and hair at least.

Two hammers of Thor.  The one with the white handle fits into a hole I drilled into Thor's hand.  It is set up so that I can remove the hammer and use Thor with or without it.

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