Saturday, June 22, 2013

French Commanders

Caesar Miniatures and Pegasus Models have both done WWII French figures for France 1940.  Now Ykreol has announced a new set for the same time frame.

Many wargamers are reluctant to take on this period because they think it was an easy victory for the Germans.  It was a short campaign, but an intense one.  The Germans lost about 30,000 killed and over 100,000 wounded.  That's about 4,000 casualties per day for the main period of combat.  The French lost 85,000 killed and the British almost 70,000 killed.  That's some major casualties for a war that lasted only seven months and most of the major combat lasted only a month.
These figures would be useful for all of WWII as Free French or Vichy French troops, and some could be used for WWI as well since many of the uniforms changed little.  Don't forget there were battles in North Africa and French Indochina and at least some of these troops could find their way to those battles as well.  A useful set and I look forward to getting some.


Uncle Brian said...

Some nice looking figures - I'll have to track some down.

Mike Creek said...

Uncle Brian you can order direct from Ykreol when they are actually released which should be any day now.