Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Master Modeller Wayne Wanner

Once in a while Master Modeller Wayne Wanner sends me some pics of his latest triumphs.  Using the glue and paints shown above he has constructed some awesome US Army construction equipment, in HO scale.

"Here's some pics of some "Woodland Scenic's" construction equipment, turned into WW2 US Army Engineer Equipment. Are they absolutely authentic? I don't know. But they look good. These will get attached to my engineering group."

"I started by removing the occupants and coating them with a couple coats of Tamiya OD TS-5, then Testors OD 1911. I think the Testors 1911 is too light but I wanted a faded look. I opted not to strip them as then were not really a fine quality model. They were about $18.00 each, a little high I thought."

"I used Testors enamels and Acrlyc to hit the details bits.Then washes from AK47 AK721 rust and 723 dust and Vallejo 73301 black shade.  I also used Battlefront Decals with Tamiya  X-22 clear, before and after."

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