Sunday, June 23, 2013


The US Army, infantry fighting vehicle, Bradley.

The Yuma Museum has been recently upgraded, judging by the vehicles, they all looked great.

Typical of American military vehicles from the South West.  They were often painted green if they were Army Reserve, but were repainted for Desert Storm in yellow, and repainted back to green when they came home.  The bumper codes were often not repainted and so you have the yellow under black bumper codes.  The reverse is often true for vehicles deployed from the South West.

This think is as big as a Sherman tank.  For a decade the press told us they were a terrible vehicle, as usual.

Then they proved themselves in Desert Storm and the press looked foolish, as usual.


Don M said...

With the units I was in the vehicle
bumper numbers were always black on sand square if the vehicle was green just black on sand with no
outline for desert service, oh I've seen a Bradley parked next to
Sherman tank here on FT Hood, the
Bradley is a bit taller and longer!

Mike Creek said...

Thanks for the update Don M, and nice hat!

Bob G. said...

Hell, every vehicle can be called "bad"...until it finds the RIGHT battle scenario in which to prove itself.
Then, you can't do WITHOUT them.

Yuma looks to have a very good museum, btw.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

Yes, every major weapons system in the USA in my lifetime was a total failure right up to the day it was first used in combat and did a great job.