Friday, June 14, 2013

The Watcher

This is The Watcher by Hero Clix.

The Watchers are a race of beings that watch the universe.

They are almost all the same, but they wear different colors, Uatu is The Watcher who usually watches Earth, he typically wears blue.

I don't use them for Hero Clix, I am designing a Super Hero miniatures supplement to my miniature warfare rules.

The original is blue, I painted this one red from blue, but kept the rest of it the same.

This pin on this pole holds the figure upright.  The Watcher is usually sort of floating in the air and is larger than regular humans.

Since I don't do Hero Clix, I need to remove the old base and do a new base for him.

The main base pops off reasonably easily with a heavy duty X-Acto chisel blade.

The Watcher usually lives in an abandoned city on the far side of the moon, shown here on the Hero Clix miniature base.

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