Friday, June 21, 2013

The Dynamic Duo

These are a couple Battle Dice figures that I have converted to Batman and Robin.

They are based on the 1966 TV series, but are essentially the same as the WWII era versions.

Batman was Magneto with cape modified, ears and utility belt added and rays removed from his hands.

Robin is Cyclops and has a cape added from a Pegasus figure and a new head from Preiser.

Batmobile from Hot Wheels.  Mostly the figures are just repainted.  Most superheros wear tights and maybe a cape so one general figure will serve for most of them.


Sam Wise said...

Very good conversions and nice figures !
I like the painting work which gives them a "cartoon look"!

Mike Creek said...

Thanks, I like the 1966 TV show version best which is very comic book in it's appearance.

More comic book characters to come.


John Lambshead said...

Holy conversions, Batman.

Mike Creek said...

You said it ol' chum.