Thursday, June 20, 2013


The US Army Proving Grounds Museum at Yuma, Arizona.

They even have a special floormat!

CPT America kind of let himself go in the later years...

Whenever I plan a trip for business or pleasure, I always go online and try to check out the museums and the hobby shops.  I got two excellent ideas for hobby projects from this visit.  One was the overland train shown yesterday.  I may give building one a go, if I can find some good wheels.

The museum is only about 200 miles from San Diego and the roads are all paved and in good shape.  Here's another museum piece...


FriendlyFire said...

Nice, do you have any pictures of the interior?

Mike Creek said...

They don't let you touch the vehicles. The museum website said they closed at 4 pm and so did the sign on the door. We got at there before 3 pm and they were closed already. 300 mile drive just to see the outside of the building!