Tuesday, June 25, 2013

M47 Patton Tank, Yuma

One of my favorite tanks, the M47, at the Yuma Army Proving Grounds Museum.

As evidenced by the chain being down and the tracks in the sand, this tank was recently returned to this concrete pad.

You can also see the dust tracks on the concrete.

M47 was only used for a short period of time by US Army troops, most were shipped overseas to allied nations and eventually upgraded engines, fire control and even guns.

The rubber wheels are all matted down on one side.  This tank sat on display for a very long time in one place before it was moved.

The semi-gloss paint and the white markings on the tank are very early Cold War.

The big white cross on the side is one of my favorites!  I got a bunch of these from Roco.


Bob G. said...

Good thing the germans never DID have these (as they have in many movies) of the war might have went a lot longer.

Carry on

Mike Creek said...

15 years after WWII the US Army got the Tiger II!