Thursday, June 6, 2013

MPC Cleaning

More of my hobby show haul, I really got an unusual mix of stuff and filled in a lot of little holes.  I got many dogs, a few Renwal tank commanders, some Marx accessories, an MPC missile launcher, a space version and tank version.  I got some odd figures here and there too.

These guys were in my collection, they are mostly MPC figures, not ringhand types.  I use these blue guys for Air Force, or naval landing party.

These white guys are the American presidents, with a couple exceptions.  I have nearly all of them now.  The green and tan figures are American generals.  The silver, white and blue are a variety of personalities, including a Pope, first lady and Churchill.

MPC Germans soaking.  While they are WWII, I use them as East Germans to oppose my Pentomic Army.

These are some very old dark gray MPC Germans.  The man with the weapon at waist level his holding an unknown type carbine or submachine gun. 

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