Thursday, June 27, 2013

M47 in Yuma

This M47 from Yuma looks great.  The numbers are painted on very well.

The storage box on the back of the turret is a distinctive feature.  Later US tanks went with a wire basket for storage.

This plaque was in with the tank.

This is a awesome tank.  Platoons of 5 and three platoons with two HQ tanks for 17 in a company.

This tank has had the bow machine gun plated over.  This was the last US tank fielded with a bow MG.


Bob G. said...

Nice to know you got an excellent example out there to drool over.
I also like this tank, and for it's time, it was THE vehicle to have in your inventory.

My first exposure to this tank was at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in MD. They have one along the parkway into the place (with lots of other armored goodies).
It's a "big'

Nice pics.
Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

I want one on my lawn. Move the pink flamingos mother...