Wednesday, June 26, 2013


When I disposed of my old Roco Panther tanks, I had some left over machine guns.

One of them landed on the front of this SWS halftrack.

It has been converted into the flamethrower version!

Here is the standard SWS halftrack.

I had a few extra wheels, so one when on the back of the halftrack.

The pin in the center deck was missing and I replace it with window pane glue.


Bob G. said...

Nice job with this old ROCO veteran.
Wish they'd make NEW moidels, and reissue many of the old ones.
And they really need to REDUCE the prices.
They're damn near untouchable IF you can find the ones you want.

These halftracks used to roll for like THRITY NINE CENTS, right?
I don't have any original wrappers, so I can't recall.
But that WAS a long time ago.

Carry on.

Mike Creek said...

The early Rocos went for 10 cents to 98 cents. Most were about 29, or 49 cents. Now they are often over $20.