Thursday, October 21, 2010

US Navy Ram 1898

My US Navy ram, 1898 project. One of my Revell U-Boat hull bottoms is now serving upside down as a ship hull. This is another project that I am doing that will not cost me any money. All the bits are from the scraps pile. This crest at the front of the ship is an old checker that I found in the yard. My daughter had a checkers set like this when she was a little girl, so it has probably been sitting out there for about fifteen years ago or so.

These two machine guns are from HaT's WWI US Army set. They are Colt / Marlin potato digger machine guns. Marlin and Colt made essentially the same gun at the turn of the century. There are four on this ship to repel boarders and defend against small craft close aboard.

The same two type of machine guns at the stern. The small pulpit is for the search light.

Looking forward you can see the twin smoke stacks.

Looking down the crows nest and you can see the guns at the bow.


Tony said...

Looking good. I've followed the construction till now and look forward to seeing it painted.


Bunkermeister said...

Hi Tony, might be a while, but you will see it painted.