Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aircraft Hit Location and Damage

Aircraft Hit Location and Damage

0 EXPLOSIVE DESTRUCTION Aircraft, crew, passengers, and cargo explode in a ball of flame and tiny bits fall harmlessly to earth. No chance to bail out, no damage to anyone on the ground.

1 CREW One member of the aircrew is hit. Roll a die to determine which crew member is hit. Crewmember is automatically killed unless using wound rules. If the pilot and co-pilot are killed, the plane will crash and the remainder of the crew may bail out.

2 FUEL A Fuel damage result means that the fuel tanks have been hit. The aircraft catches on fire and the crew must bailout. Helicopters may auto-rotate within a 90-degree arc from direction of travel and must land within 1250m. Self-sealing fuel tanks and armored fuel tanks are not damaged unless the gun is larger than .50 caliber. Aircraft will trail black smoke.

3 ENGINE An Engine damage result destroys one engine. On a single engine aircraft the target will crash immediately and the crew will bail out. Single engine helicopters cannot auto-rotate and will crash. On multi-engine aircraft the speed and range will be reduced, based on the total number of engines the aircraft has when it is undamaged. Aircraft will trail black smoke.

An AIRFRAME hit will take the aircraft "out of action" for the remainder of the turn, due to buffeting and control surface damage. There are three types of airframe hits, fuselage, wing and tail. Any attempt to make an attack will cause the aircraft to immediately crash and the crew will all be killed. The aircraft will have to come around and make another pass. The aircraft may resume normal operations at the beginning of the next turn. The aircraft may fire flexible weapons in defense only. The aircraft may not drop bombs or launch any form of ground attack or launch missiles of any type. The aircrew may bailout at any time. The aircraft will trail white smoke from the area hit. A second airframe hit in the same location will cause the plane to crash.

4 FUSELAGE Damage to fuselage, and aborts the attack this turn.

5 WING Damage to wings, and aborts the attack this turn.

6 TAIL Damage to tail, and aborts the attack this turn.

Aircraft have four bursts of ammunition for all cannons and machine guns. All bombs of the same size drop all at once. Rockets all fire at once. Missiles fire one per phase.

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