Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's a Big Percentage

Despite the Red Box set being called Robbers the only one who seems to be taking anything is this guy on the left. He seems to be loading up a bag of loot from a safe. The other guy as a stick perhaps a baseball bat. a baseball bat can break a kneecap if someone fails to pay the loan shark. It can also be used to break up the illegal liquor of your competitors during Prohibition.

These two would make good cops or good robbers. Pistols were favored by crooks for their ability to be concealed. Long guns were favored for their firepower when confronted by the police.

Baseball bats were good weapons for crooks because they were innocent enough on the face of it, you're just a baseball player. Unlike a gun or a switchblade knife that only a criminal would carry. Despite having made several Boxer Rebellion sets, this figure on the right is the only real boxer figure that Red Box has ever made. Criminals do beat up each other, the police and other victims and so this is a good pose.

I love the Thompson and so these two could be hit men or G-men. Great poses, love the hats.

One thug with a knife, robbing some poor woman no doubt, and another man with a Thompson, who could be a Secret Service agent defending FDR from Nazi spies or a hit man.

Crime boss and perhaps a crooked cop. The cop figure is from the Red Box Police set. The two sets fit together perfectly, so watch the Star Trek episode, "A Piece of the Action" and get inspired to use these two sets.


Bob G. said...

Having the Federation take over the whole ball of wax, eh?

NOw, about those 1/72 scale vehicles from the roaring "20s".

Nice sets.
Bella Oxmyx would approve.

Bunkermeister said...

You want I should send some of the boys over there?