Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caesar Guns

Caesar Miniatures have released four new 1/72nd scale plastic models. These are highly detailed hard plastic kits. Each kit has one or more figures too.

My friend COL Jim built this example. Note the tiny sight. The model has great details, but for some reason seems to be missing the breech block. A bit of trimmed down sprue could correct this oversight.

This kit is loads of little tiny parts that go together very well and built up to a very sturdy wargame model.

This is the sprue of the figures that make up the crew. The figures are lots of little parts. They are very much like a Preiser set.

The real gold mine in this set is the sprues of weapons and heads, and hats. I plan on buying a few of this set just for this sprue. It is a great thing of tiny bits, bayonets, machine pistols, rifles, and all kinds of bits.


Bob G. said...

Now THAT is a gold mine as far as customizing figures go...

Fantastic find.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

I've got two coming in the post. They come pretty well recommended already, and it seems Caesar are going to keep exapnding beyond just doing figs, which is good for us!

ccm2361 said...


Pardon me.. I need to go get a mop to clean up the drool. :-)

Unknown said...

They look very much like Prieser to me they are so good. I hope they do more accessory sets like the ones with the gun!

Karcuss said...

Are they gluable as Styrene or that HAT type stuff


Karcuss said...

disregard that Bunker
as just re read and you did say
Hard Plastic
The gun will worth a depleted battery

Have you the vechiles on the go??

Cheers Karcuss