Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ram Crew

Every ship needs a crew. I am working on a crew for my US Navy ram. These are the HaT miniatures Gardner Gun crew. They are British sailors and I swapped the original heads out with the flat hat heads. The US Navy wore a similar uniform. I also swapped out a head from the British Napoleonic Rocket Troops. It gives the sailor a more commodore look.

The gun carriage is from the Gardner Gun set, you get more than you can use. The machine gun is from the Atlantic WWII Soviet infantry heavy machine gun.

The green guy is from Strelets, he is a Russian naval officer from the Crimean War with a Rocket Troops hat.

The man on the far end has had the pith helmet removed and it replaced with one of the straw sailor hats. I think of him as a junior officer.

Another sailor from the British Rocket Troops seen here in gray.

The crew all lined up ready for primer. The Maxim Gun was used on light artillery carriages by many nations.

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