Thursday, October 7, 2010

Red Box Cops

RedBox makes a couple of cops and robbers sets. This is the cops set.

This is a typical RedBox set. The figures are a bit on the small side and the sculpting and casting is not great. The poses and ideas for each figure are wonderful. I only wish Caesar or Pegasus had made this set.

Some of the figures are a bit Ma & Pa Kettle. They would be perfect for a feud game or even pioneers. They would work for US figures from 1850 until next Tuesday.

These armed civilians are typical of rural Americans from the interwar period.

Two more civilians. They would look great posed next to a still. They could work as part of a sheriff posse chasing down escaped convicts or going after bank robbers. More tomorrow.


Karcuss said...

They look like the olde Airfix wagon set, Which in 1960 ???

Not sure about these ones.

But The "Colonial Boxer rebellion" sets are worth it as the periods they can cover and uses

you might have to do a comparision

(as you are actually probably doing as I write this)

Cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

They do look much like those Airfix figures in color and style. I will see about taking a few photos like that later.